We are passionate about seeing the Gospel go around the globe, so we support those who are actively carrying the Good News to other parts of our state, nation, and world.  For this reason, NEXT Camp not only includes a day of local mission work, but we support missions in every aspect of our camp.  We are committed to inviting speakers who are currently serving in missions in some form or fashion.  This commitment accomplishes two goals:

1.  Encouraging campers to gravitate toward missional thinking

2.  Creating opportunities to bless the missionary and his work

In order to bless the mission works we partner with, NEXT Camp is determined to operate as financially responsible as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the camp experience. This financial commitment frees up resources that are invested back into the missionary who speaks at camp each year, impacting his ability to share the Gospel globally.

Below are missionaries and church planters we have partnered with in the past.

2017.  Chase Reynolds

Missionary to Indonesia.

2016.  Jeremy Valladares

Church planter to McAllen, Texas.

2014.  Scott Bates

Church planter to Mercer, Pennsylvania.

2013.  Bruce Betts

Church planter to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.