Next camp contacts

Should you have any questions about NEXT camp, view the list below to determine which contact can best serve your needs.

  • Paul Buck, director

    Paul can help with questions regarding the organizational details of camp, including: Information about our camp activities, camp expectations, how adult sponsors can serve during camp, etc. He is also the person to contact if you are interested in serving with the NEXT Camp Leadership Team. 


    Phone: (501) 844-6811


    Josh is the go-to guy for anything involving registration. [Unless it involves money. In that case, check out the next contact.]  You may also contact Josh regarding questions you may have about other logistical things. 


    Phone: (870) 912-0232

  • Jarrod PEttit, ReGISTRAR

    Should you have any questions regarding registration fees or anything of a financial nature, please contact Jarrod.  


    Phone: (501) 428-7765

  • makayla mitchell, cell group coordinator

    If you have any questions regarding the expectations of our Cell Group Leaders, the application process, or special needs concerning a student's cell group placement, please contact Makayla.


    Phone: (501) 860-4540